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path = fml
url =
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#occupational hazards
#Patch reject
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This is Forge Mod Loader.
You can find the source code at all times at
This minecraft mod is a clean open source implementation of a mod loader for minecraft servers
and minecraft clients.
The code is authored by cpw.
It began by partially implementing an API defined by the client side ModLoader, authored by Risugami.
This support has been dropped as of Minecraft release 1.7, as Risugami no longer maintains ModLoader.
It also contains suggestions and hints and generous helpings of code from LexManos, author of MinecraftForge.
Additionally, it contains an implementation of topological sort based on that
published at
It also contains code from the Maven project for performing versioned dependency
It also contains a partial repackaging of the javaxdelta library from
with credit to it's authors.
Forge Mod Loader downloads components from the Minecraft Coder Pack
( with kind permission from the MCP team.
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This is Forge Mod Loader, or FML for short, by cpw.
More information can be found at
It is a clean reimplementation of a mod loading system for client and server.
It can be installed on its own, or as part of Minecraft Forge.
About Forge Mod Loader
Environments and compatibility
FML covers two main environments: client and server. All environments share
the main mod loading code base, with additional varying hooks based on the
specific environment.
There are some very visible changes to the client when FML is installed.
There are some bukkit compatibility hooks available, consult MCPC+, now known as Cauldron
for more information.
Minecraft Forge in all cases bundles FML as it's modloading technology of choice
because FML is open source, freely distributable, and can be easily updated by
contributors through github.
Notable integrations
Optifine has FML compatibility. It varies from Optifine release to release, however
in general it will work well alongside an FML or
Minecraft Forge installation. FML will detect and ensure the good operation of
Optifine (you can see it in your client as an additional data line on the
bottom left).
Mod information
FML exposes the mod information through a mod list visible on the main screen as
well as some small branding enhancements. For full data mods need to provide an
information file. This file is a standard format so hopefully tools providing
launch capabilities can also leverage this content.
Binary installation information
If you have downloaded a binary zip file you can install it as follows (client
or server):
To install on a server, simply execute the FML or Forge jar file, with a copy of
minecraft_server-@MC_VERSION@.jar placed in the same directory. FML will launch
it's patched copy.
To install on a client, run the installer by executing java -jar <installer>.jar.
It will identify the location of you minecraft installation (this can be customized)
and create a new profile "FML" there.
Forge Installation
This code also ships as a part of Minecraft Forge. You do not need to install it
separately from your Minecraft Forge installation. Minecraft Forge contains the
exact same code as this. You should not install FML if you are also installing
Minecraft Forge.
Source installation information for modders
This code follows the Minecraft Forge installation methodology. It will apply
some small patches to the vanilla MCP source code, giving you and it access
to some of the data and functions you need to build a successful mod.
Note also that the patches are built against "unrenamed" MCP source code (aka
srgnames) - this means that you will not be able to read them directly against
normal code.
Source pack installation information:
Standalone source installation
To install this source code for development purposes, extract this zip file.
It ships with a demonstration mod. Run "gradle setupDevWorkspace" to create
a gradle environment primed with FML. Run gradle eclipse or gradle idea to
create an IDE workspace of your choice.
Refer to ForgeGradle for more information about the gradle environment
Forge source installation
MinecraftForge ships with this code and installs it as part of the forge
installation process, no further action is required on your part.
For reference this is version @MAJOR@.@MINOR@.@REV@.@BUILD@ of FML
for Minecraft version @MCVERSION@.
buildscript {
repositories {
maven {
name = "forge"
url = ""
maven {
name = "sonatype"
url = ""
dependencies {
classpath 'net.minecraftforge.gradle:ForgeGradle:1.2-SNAPSHOT'
import static*
apply plugin: 'maven'
apply plugin: 'fmldev'
repositories {
flatDir {
name "fileRepo"
dirs "repo"
minecraft {
version = '1.7.10'
mcpVersion = '9.05'
fmlDir = projectDir.getAbsolutePath();
mainClass = 'cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.ServerLaunchWrapper'
tweakClass = 'cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker'
installerVersion = "1.4"
group = 'net.minecraftforge'
version = getVersionFromGit(getProject())
jenkins {
job = 'fml'
uploadArchives {
repositories {
if (project.hasProperty("filesmaven")) {'Publishing to files server')
mavenDeployer {
configuration = configurations.deployJars
repository(url: project.filesmaven.url) {
authentication(userName: project.filesmaven.username, privateKey: project.filesmaven.key)
pom {
groupId =
version = project.version
artifactId = project.archivesBaseName
project {
name project.archivesBaseName
packaging 'jar'
description 'ForgeModLoader'
url ''
scm {
url ''
connection 'scm:git:git://'
developerConnection ''
issueManagement {
system 'github'
url ''
licenses {
license {
name 'GNU Lesser Public License (LGPL), Version 2.1'
url ''
distribution 'repo'
developers {
developer {
id 'cpw'
name 'cpw'
roles { role 'developer' }
developer {
id 'LexManos'
name 'Lex Manos'
roles { role 'developer' }
} else {'Publishing to repo folder')
mavenDeployer {
repository(url: 'file://localhost/' + project.file('repo').getAbsolutePath())
# Artistic Style format configuration
# see
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DirTemp = temp
DirSrc = src
DirLogs = logs
DirBin = bin
DirJars = jars
DirReobf = reobf
DirConf = conf
DirRuntime = runtime
DirLib = lib
DirTempSrc = temp/src
DirTempCls = temp/cls
DirTempBin = temp/bin
DirModSrc = modsrc
DirEclipse = eclipse
Classes = %(DirConf)s/classes.csv
Methods = %(DirConf)s/methods.csv
Fields = %(DirConf)s/fields.csv
Params = %(DirConf)s/params.csv
NewIds = %(DirConf)s/newids.csv
ConfClient = %(DirConf)s/client.srg
ConfServer = %(DirConf)s/server.srg
Client = %(DirTemp)s/client_rg.srg
Server = %(DirTemp)s/server_rg.srg
DeobfClient = %(DirTemp)s/client_deobf.srg
DeobfServer = %(DirTemp)s/server_deobf.srg
ReobfClient = %(DirTemp)s/client_ro.srg
ReobfServer = %(DirTemp)s/server_ro.srg
ReobfClientSrg = %(DirTemp)s/client_ro_srg.srg
ReobfServerSrg = %(DirTemp)s/server_ro_srg.srg
DirNatives = %(DirJars)s/bin/natives
Client = %(DirJars)s/bin/minecraft.jar
Server = %(DirJars)s/minecraft_server.jar
LWJGL = %(DirJars)s/bin/jinput.jar,%(DirJars)s/bin/lwjgl.jar,%(DirJars)s/bin/lwjgl_util.jar
MD5Client = 595007b790548806f66762507203b896
MD5Server = a1de2db50b0d8bfac45be3e01e54bddf
Location = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/retroguard.jar
RetroConf = %(DirTemp)s/retroguard.cfg
RetroReobConf = %(DirTemp)s/retroguard_ro.cfg
ClientConf = %(DirTemp)s/client_rg.cfg
ServerConf = %(DirTemp)s/server_rg.cfg
ClientReobConf = %(DirTemp)s/client_ro.cfg
ServerReobConf = %(DirTemp)s/server_ro.cfg
ClientOut = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_rg.jar
ServerOut = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_server_rg.jar
ClientLog = %(DirLogs)s/client_rg.log
ServerLog = %(DirLogs)s/server_rg.log
ClientDeobLog = %(DirLogs)s/client_deob.log
ServerDeobLog = %(DirLogs)s/server_deob.log
NullPkg = net/minecraft/src
XClientJson = %(DirConf)s/exceptor.json
XServerJson = %(DirConf)s/exceptor.json
XClientCfg = %(DirConf)s/joined.exc
XServerCfg = %(DirConf)s/joined.exc
XClientOut = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_exc.jar
XServerOut = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_server_exc.jar
XClientLog = %(DirLogs)s/client_exc.log
XServerLog = %(DirLogs)s/server_exc.log
ClsClientTemp = %(DirTempCls)s/minecraft
ClsServerTemp = %(DirTempCls)s/minecraft_server
SrcClientTemp = %(DirTempSrc)s/minecraft
SrcServerTemp = %(DirTempSrc)s/minecraft_server
FFSource = net
FFClientIn = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_ff_in.jar
FFServerIn = %(DirTemp)s/minecraft_server_ff_in.jar
BinClientTemp = %(DirTempBin)s/minecraft
BinServerTemp = %(DirTempBin)s/minecraft_server
SrcClient = %(DirSrc)s/minecraft
SrcServer = %(DirSrc)s/minecraft_server
TestClient = net/minecraft/client/main/Main
TestServer = net/minecraft/server/MinecraftServer
PatchClient = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft.patch
PatchServer = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft_server.patch
PatchTemp = %(DirTemp)s/temp.patch
FFPatchClient = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft_ff.patch
FFPatchServer = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft_server_ff.patch
PatchClient_osx = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft_osx.patch
PatchServer_osx = %(DirConf)s/patches/minecraft_server_osx.patch
BinClient = %(DirBin)s/minecraft
BinServer = %(DirBin)s/minecraft_server
LogClient = %(DirLogs)s/client_compile.log
LogServer = %(DirLogs)s/server_compile.log
ClassPathClient = %(DirLib)s/,%(DirLib)s/*,%(DirJars)s/bin/minecraft.jar,%(DirJars)s/bin/jinput.jar,%(DirJars)s/bin/lwjgl.jar,%(DirJars)s/bin/lwjgl_util.jar
ClassPathServer = %(DirLib)s/,%(DirLib)s/*,%(DirJars)s/minecraft_server.jar
ClientFixes = %(DirConf)s/patches
FixStart = Start
IgnorePkg = paulscode,com,isom,ibxm,de/matthiasmann/twl,org,javax,argo,gnu,io/netty
MD5Client = %(DirTemp)s/client.md5
MD5Server = %(DirTemp)s/server.md5
MD5PreReobfClient = %(DirTemp)s/client_reobf.md5
MD5PreReobfServer = %(DirTemp)s/server_reobf.md5
RecompJarClient = %(DirTemp)s/client_recomp.jar
RecompJarServer = %(DirTemp)s/server_recomp.jar
ObfJarClient = %(DirTemp)s/client_reobf.jar
ObfJarServer = %(DirTemp)s/server_reobf.jar
ReobfDirClient = %(DirReobf)s/minecraft
ReobfDirServer = %(DirReobf)s/minecraft_server
ClientRoLog = %(DirLogs)s/client_ro.log
ServerRoLog = %(DirLogs)s/server_ro.log
ReobfClientLog = %(DirLogs)s/client_reob.log
ReobfServerLog = %(DirLogs)s/server_reob.log
OutSRCClient = %(DirModSrc)s/minecraft
OutSRCServer = %(DirModSrc)s/minecraft_server
LogFile = %(DirLogs)s/mcp.log
LogFileErr = %(DirLogs)s/mcperr.log
UpdateUrl ={version}/
IgnoreUpdate = %(DirBin)s,%(DirLib)s,%(DirLogs)s,%(DirModSrc)s,%(DirReobf)s,%(DirSrc)s,%(DirTemp)s,%(DirEclipse)s/Client/bin,%(DirEclipse)s/Server/bin,%(DirJars)s/world,%(DirJars)s/saves,%(DirJars)s/resources
RGIndex = 154000
ParamIndex = 45000
AstyleConfig = %(DirConf)s/astyle.cfg
Wine = wine
Patcher_win = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/applydiff.exe
Patcher_linux = patch
Patcher_osx = patch
Jad_win = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/jad.exe
Jad_osx = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/jad-osx
AStyle_win = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/astyle.exe
AStyle_linux = astyle
AStyle_osx = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/astyle-osx
JadRetro = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/jadretro.jar
Fernflower = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/fernflower.jar
Exceptor = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/mcinjector.jar
SpecialSource = %(DirRuntime)s/bin/specialsource.jar
CmdPatch = %s -p1 -u -i {patchfile} -d {srcdir}
CmdJad = %s -b -d {outdir} -dead -o -r -s .java -stat -ff {classes}
CmdAStyle = %s --suffix=none --quiet --options={conffile} {classes}
CmdRG = %s -cp "{classpath}" RetroGuard -searge {conffile}
CmdRGReobf = %s -cp "{classpath}" RetroGuard -notch {conffile}
CmdSS = %s -cp "{classpath}" -jar %s -i {injar} -o {outjar} -m {mapfile} --kill-source
CmdSSReobf = %s -cp "{classpath}" -jar %s -i {injar} -o {outjar} -r -m {mapfile} -d {identifier} -e %s
CmdJadretro = %s -jar %s {targetdir}
CmdFernflower = %s -jar %s -din=1 -rbr=0 -dgs=1 -asc=1 -log=WARN {indir} {outdir}
CmdExceptor = %s -jar %s --jarIn {input} --jarOut {output} --mapIn {conf} --log {log} --jsonIn {json} --applyMarkers
CmdRecomp = %s -Xlint:-options -deprecation -g -source 1.6 -target 1.6 -classpath "{classpath}" -sourcepath {sourcepath} -d {outpath} {pkgs}
CmdRecompScala = %s -encoding UTF-8 -deprecation -target:jvm-1.6 -classpath "{classpath}" -sourcepath {sourcepath} -d {outpath} {pkgs}
CmdStartSrv = %s -Xincgc -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -cp "{classpath}" net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer
CmdStartClt = %s -Xincgc -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -cp "{classpath}" -Djava.library.path={natives} Start
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import java.lang.reflect.Field;
import java.util.Arrays;
import joptsimple.ArgumentAcceptingOptionSpec;
import joptsimple.OptionParser;
import joptsimple.OptionSet;
import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.client.main.Main;
public class Start
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception
int userIndex = -1;
int passIndex = -1;
int sessIndex = -1;
int versIndex = -1;
for( int x = 0; x < args.length; x++)
if (args[x].equals("--username")) userIndex = x + 1;
else if (args[x].equals("--password")) passIndex = x + 1;
else if (args[x].equals("--session")) sessIndex = x + 1;
else if (args[x].equals("--version")) versIndex = x + 1;
if (userIndex != 0-1 && passIndex != -1 && sessIndex == -1)
String[] session = getSession(args[userIndex], args[passIndex]);
if (session != null)
args[userIndex] = session[0];
args = concat(args, new String[]{"--session", session[1]});
//Kill the password if its there so it isn't printed to the console.
if (passIndex != -1)
args[passIndex-1] = "no_password_for_joo";
args[passIndex] = "no_password_for_joo";
if (versIndex == -1)
args = concat(args, new String[]{ "--version", "fml_mcp" });
private static String[] getSession(String username, String password) throws UnsupportedEncodingException
String parameters = "" + URLEncoder.encode(username, "UTF-8") +
"&password=" + URLEncoder.encode(password, "UTF-8") +
"&version=" + 13;
String result = openUrl(parameters);
if (result == null)
System.out.println("Can't connect to");
return null;
if (!result.contains(":"))
System.out.println("Login Failed: " + result);
return null;
String[] values = result.split(":");
return new String[]{ values[2].trim(), values[3].trim() };
private static String openUrl(String addr)
URL url = new URL(addr); is;
is = url.openConnection().getInputStream(); reader = new;
String buf = "";
String line = null;
while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null)
buf += "\n" + line;
return buf;
catch (IOException e)
return null;
private static <T> T[] concat(T[] first, T[] second)
T[] result = Arrays.copyOf(first, first.length + second.length);
System.arraycopy(second, 0, result, first.length, second.length);
return result;
\ No newline at end of file
diff -r -U 3 minecraft\net\minecraft\client\ minecraft_patched\net\minecraft\client\
--- minecraft\net\minecraft\client\
+++ minecraft_patched\net\minecraft\client\
@@ -695,9 +695,7 @@
while(true) {
try {
- if(!this.field_71425_J) {
- break;
- }
+ while(this.field_71425_J) {
if(!this.field_71434_R || this.field_71433_S == null) {
try {
@@ -711,6 +709,7 @@
+ }
} catch (MinecraftError var12) {
} catch (ReportedException var13) {
diff -r -U 3 minecraft\net\minecraft\client\ minecraft_patched\net\minecraft\client\
--- minecraft\net\minecraft\client\